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She’s young, she’s beautiful, and she’s got a great head on her shoulders. Meet Angel. She works full time and goes to school in the evenings. She knows what she wants and works hard for it. She’s confident in her own skin and it’s great to see, especially in someone so young. So with that confidence, she rocked her boudoir session and pulled off sexy and gorgeous pretty effortlessly. Just one image for now, but more to come soon!


Oh Kristi, Kristi. This is one woman that will blow your mind when you meet her. Straight from Louisiana, Kristi is a tell ‘em like it is kind of woman and is a hoot to hang out with! She has over a million shoes (half of which she brought here to AZ, the other half is still in Louisiana) and is also in love with evening gowns. Her personality ranges from classy to sexy to spunky and I was happy to get the whole spectrum covered during her customized boudoir session! We even ended up taking all her little babies (aka Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Sophia Webster, etc) outside for some fun outdoor boudoir shots. I loved how a biker passed by us and said, “Well, you don’t see this everyday.” Nope, you certainly don’t!

Check out the slideshow to see how we customized a session just to fit her very unique personality!


I first met Samantha in February when she had begun a weight loss program. After eight months of ass kicking workouts and 95 pounds banished from her body we did her shoot. The transformation was incredible. Although she was always adorable, she blossomed into a full-blown blonde bombshell during her boudoir session. (Anyone else think she looks just like Scarlet Johansson?!)

She’s not just a blonde beauty either; Samantha has a heart of gold. She’s the sweetest woman, and happily engaged to the sweetest man (yes, ladies there are good ones out there). She even gushes when she talks about him!

So, for the rest of you out there, if you’ve recently undergone a transformation or simply have a beautiful soul boudoir photography is a great way to capture it for you to share with your special someone.



October 30, 2014

So Victoria’s Secret just launched their new Perfect Body line and created a whole lot of commotion with it. Maybe that’s what they wanted. Maybe not. Isn’t any publicity good publicity? That’s beside the point I guess. I know the line is called The Perfect “Body”, meaning their Body line of bras, and hallelujah, they finally created the perfect one! (Though, I can’t really say because I don’t have one.)

But I can understand the outrage this has sparked among many women because all you see on the ad are the words The Perfect Body along with ONLY size OOO models. Not that there’s any wrong with a skinny woman on the ad. Heck, I know plenty of women born that way, who can eat a horse, and still look like they haven’t eaten a thing (and yes, we all secretly despise them – JK!) But what about everyone else? How does this make other women feel who don’t have this “perfect” body? Um, probably like shit. Like they have to stop eating. And go run 500 miles on a treadmill.







I’ve met quite a few women over the past few years who have insecurities about their looks and I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to change their perception of themselves. They may not come in thinking that they look like a Victoria’s Secret model, but they sure leave feeling like they’re a model! After 8 years of doing this, I realize this is the driving force behind why I do boudoir photography. Not because I love photographing women in lingerie. (I honestly love photographing a LOT of different things!) But because I love the feeling I get when I see someone feeling great about themselves. (It’s my own little selfish secret that I’m letting out of the bag.) Raising a woman’s confidence. Seeing her face light up because she looks and feels beautiful. It’s truly priceless, and when I realized this, was when I really fell in love with boudoir.

So as an alternative version of Victoria’s Secret’s the Perfect Body, here are a few of the beautiful ladies of Boudoir in Bloom I’ve had the honor of photographing and their PERFECT bodies.




PS. There is a petition out to ask VS to “amend the irresponsible marketing of your new bra range ‘Body'” on If you’d like to see it changed, click on the link!







I had one of the most spunkiest, refreshing woman come in for her consultation yesterday and I am SO looking forward to shooting her boudoir photos! She had no qualms about the fact that she’s a single woman and wanted to do a session for herself. She’s super confident, but not ostentatious. In her own words, “Why don’t more women do this for themselves? Why do we feel like we need a man to give these pictures to? I’m not trying to look sexy for a man, I want to look sexy for myself. And if I’m looking good and feeling good, then I want pictures of it damnit!”

Oh my God, this woman cracked me up to no end!!! Can I get an Amen?!!!

Mind you, she is not a rail thin model and admits to have a few bumps here and there as well as stretch marks from kids and losing lots of weight. But she LOVES herself and how she looks. And there’s no shame in that. Here’s Kristi sending me an image from her phone showing off her new Betsy Johnson outfit…CUTE!


April 29, 2014

My Intimacy carries some of the most gorgeous lingerie for boudoir sessions. This beauty bought a few of her outfits from the shop in Scottsdale Fashion Square and they turned out looking spectacular in photos! So classy and timeless.





And even though this image isn’t showcasing lingerie, it does showcase her fabulous legs!


June 14, 2013

Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post any of the images from all the sessions done these past few months, so a HUGE thank you to Sabrina for allowing me to share some of her boudoir images here! She’s beautiful and has a bright personality to match. She never once worried about size and was confident throughout her shoot. I LOVE that. Thanks Sabrina for being an inspiration to me and so many other women out there!

Sabrina-113 Sabrina-199 Sabrina-141 Sabrina-120 Sabrina-63 Sabrina-12

Makeup by Erica Konz.

December 17, 2012

DeAnn’s hubby, who adores her like no other, contacted me to book a boudoir session for her. Although they had discussed it before, I don’t think DeAnn knew it was actually going to happen…so surprise DeAnn! They’re doing the long-distance thing right now due to her hubby’s work, so thank goodness for FaceTime and text messaging – both of which they did as DeAnn got dolled up for her session. (Someone was really excited about her shoot!) It just put a fat smile on my face to see how much her husband loves her and how beautiful he thinks she is. And yes, she definitely is!

We just had a ball during her session, and this was the email her husband sent me almost immediately after DeAnn left the studio:

“Hi Lynn,

I want to thank you very much for photographing my wife’s boudior session! DeAnn called me as soon as she left your studio and she was glowing. She was grinning from ear to ear and she explained to me about how much fun she had. I am super excited to see the results and DeAnn is also on cloud 9. Again, thank you so very much and I am looking forward to the viewing!”

Here are a few teaser images from her session…

Did you know most women are not wearing the right size bra? If your bra slides up your back, is too loose in the cup – or too tight and you’re spilling out, then it might be a good time to get a professional fitting with the ladies of Belle Lacet. I know many of my clients are not the typical 34B and Victoria’s Secret doesn’t carry their size (though they may put you in a bra, it may not be the best fitting one for you). What I love about Belle Lacet is that they specialize in small sizes as well as sizes up to K. They carry beautiful lingerie lines like Chantelle and Prima Donna and will special order pieces for you as well. You don’t have to break the bank and fill your whole lingerie wardrobe full of these gorgeous pieces, but investing in a couple of exquisite, well-made, great fitting bra and panty sets (especially if you’re going to do a boudoir session where the pieces will be captured for all of time!) is well worth it.

Now for the exciting news! Boudoir in Bloom and Belle Lacet are conducting a MODEL SEARCH during the month of October. Yes ladies, we are looking for three local women to be the faces of Belle Lacet. To enter, purchase a minimum of $100 at Belle Lacet between now and October 31, 2012. The lucky winners will receive a complimentary 30 minute boudoir session at the studio (with outfits purchased from Belle Lacet) and a 5×7 print. Drawing will be held by Belle Lacet on November 1st.

*Winner must sign model release for images to be used by both Belle Lacet and Boudoir in Bloom.



April 19, 2012

I haven’t surveyed my clients in a while and thought it was time to get some honest feedback so I can improve my services. Thank you Trish for being the first to respond. Every time I look at this picture of you, I just see beauty radiating all over!

1. What was the reason for your boudoir shoot?

As a birthday present for my husband.

2. How did you feel before the session?


3. How did you feel during the session?

Very comfortable. Lynn made everything go seamless, like I had been doing this for years.

4. Could the photographer have done something different to improve your experience?

Nothing! What she has to offer and delivers, out weighs everyone else in this industry.

5. How did you feel when you saw your photos for the first time?

I couldn’t believe that those photos were really me. She really captured a side of me that I feel each day and not able to bring out myself. She is the difference between an Artist and a Photographer. I like to call her an ARTOGRAPHER!

6. How did your significant other react when he saw the photos?

He loved them! He still looks at the everyday.

7. Would you recommend this experience to others and why?

I would and have every chance I get.

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